Understanding the clinical criteria for personality disorders is a good first step. However, learning how to cope with or live with a loved one who suffers from a personality disorder is generally not covered in the diagnostic literature.

Therefore, rather than focusing exclusively on the clinical traits for diagnosis, it is our aim at Out of the FOG to approach personality disorders from the point of view of the Non-Personality-Disordered Individual (Non-PD).

In other words...

  • What is it like to live with a person with NPD or BPD? 
  • What’s it like to have a parent with a Histrionic or Dependent Personality Disorder? 
  • How do you cope when caring for someone with a Dependent Personality Disorder? 
  • How do you protect yourself when living with a person who suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder?

Here in Out of the FOG, we have compiled a collection of the Top 100 Traits of Personality Disordered Individuals which is written from a Non-PD's perspective and includes ideas for coping which you will not find in the clinical information on personality disorders listed on this page. You are encouraged to review the common behaviors page where you may find examples which match your own experiences.

Another effective way for Non-PD's to learn about personality disorders is to hear from other people who have faced similar circumstances. It can be a relief to discover that your situation is not unique. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to visit and participate in our Support Forum.