Don't go it alone

Leaving a relationship with a personality-disordered individual can be one of the loneliest experiences in the world.

  • You are giving up on "the dream" of a happy relationship and you will grieve and mourn for the loss of something that was important to you.
  • You may lose the sense of being needed as the responsible member of the relationship.
  • You may feel like a failure in your own eyes or  in the eyes of the world.
  • You may feel guilt over being unfaithful to your commitments, promises or vows.

This is not a time to isolate yourself. This is a time to surround yourself with as much support as you can – from sound legal representation and advice to good friends, responsible and supportive family members, support groups, message boards like this, therapists and counselors.

Seek out the company of positive people, the kind of people who are full of encouragement, understanding, kindness and optimism.

Distance yourself from any negative people, who promote unhealthy choices or who attempt to use fear, obligation or guilt to manipulate you.

You will go through the roller coaster of emotions. Therefore fill your life with as many strong allies and good things as you can to help you cope.