Personality Disorder Recovery

Recovery is a term broadly used to describe proactive self-management & mitigation of symptoms by a personality-disordered individual.

Recovery - Real or Fake?

Because of the rapid, often-dramatic mood swings that personality-disordered individuals experience, it can be difficult to tell whether a change in their behavior is evidence of a substantial improvement or just part of the normal up and down of their feelings.

Occasionally, someone will say "I did "X" or the personality disordered person in my life did "Y" and things have become much better."

Whenever you observe a significant change in behavior from a person who suffers from a personality disorder, you should always ask: "How long ago did this happen?" Changes which last 12 months or more may be indicators of a long term shift. Changes lasting shorter than 12 months and much shorter durations - such as weeks or days, are more commonly part of the ebb and flow of the personality-disordered person's changing moods and emotions.

When it comes to recovery from personality disorders, the old adage usually applies:

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.